Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

purple carpet

The party was a success. I love having the whole house open for a party. This time around, we had the Wii set up in the green room, musical instruments in the yellow room (as always), and DDR in the back room. A side effect of having the TV in the green room is that there's no TV in the living room, which is pretty awesome. It opens up the space a bit, and the living room's used for chatting and such.

I also got very very drunk... which I'm okay with, seeing as how it was my house and all, but next time I'll definitely have to take it easier. I like to stay up until the party's over, and to make sure everyone's taken care of, but I can't really do that if I, say, pass out in the yellow room next to my concertina.

I also feel bad for Erika and Bob. Every time they try to leave my parties, my little drunk brain goes "Oh no! Bob and Erika are leaving and you didn't get to talk to them much because you were busy doing other stuff." And so then I launch into an extensive, rambly conversation that keeps them there much longer than they planned. Sorry! Maybe if you weren't such awesome people, my subconscious wouldn't try to trick you into staying.

Tags: dm1, party
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