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I don't want to alarm anyone, but Kaci's in the hospital in Germany... has been since yesterday.

She's got a bladder/kidney infection, which is (among other things) causing her back pain. The doctors say she'll be fine. They just want to monitor her. She'll be in there until Monday morning. I talked to Kaci for around 2 hours earlier today, and she was doing fine. Actually, she was in really good spirits, which surprised me somewhat. Sadly, she doesn't have internet access, but someone loaned her season 4 of The Gilmore Girls, so that takes care of that.

The funny thing is, Kaci's back has bothered her for about as long as I've known her. I wonder if this hasn't been going on for a long time, and the trip has just made it worse. She said when they traveled to other cities on the weekends that she didn't get to drink much water (too expensive) or to use the restroom as much as she wanted to (80 cents to use public restrooms). So that's what pushed things over the edge.

I asked her if there's anything she wanted to say to everyone, and she said "Never eat the sausage paste they give you with lunch in Urology dept." Wise words.

As for how much it's going to cost her, it's going to run all of 10 Euros for her co-pay with the travel insurance she got. I told her she should have them work on other stuff while she's there... throw her in the asthma machine or something.

If you want to reach her, the number to her hospital room is 011 49 621 8102 8281 . Bear in mind that it's 7 hours later, there, though, so call at an appropriate time.
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