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never be another

Tonight I am organizing/consolidating the CDs that have been lingering in the cabinet of the bedroom, which should rightly contain linens, or shirts, or something bedroomy.

Most of the CDs are from my long-lost radio show, Nummy Muffin Cocoa Butter. I'm actually throwing away a lot of the CDs. Some of them I never liked, and some of them have one good song on them. And the fact is, I'll probably never do the show again.

After going through 100 CDs or something, I came across one marked "Last Show Songs", so of course I popped it in. It's a good mix of my favorites, and it was presumably what I played on the final show.

Moving onward, I guess.

This all ties into the fact that last night I went with Kaci, Lampe, and Troy to KVRX to do an on air Start Trekkin' improv set and an interview. It's the first time I've been back since I stopped doing the show. I say "back", but the building has changed. The first thing I did was run back to the library and look for the "novelty/other" section, which used to be my responsibility. The good old green and brown (according to the color-coding system). I was happy to find that there were still about 10 Nummy Muffin compilation CDs there. It was also amusing to see that the entire section was basically unchanged from 4 years ago. It looks like nothing's been added since then. Ah, well.

Kaci's off right now for a nighttime bike ride. She left before I got to yell "be careful", and she didn't take her phone with her. It's silly to worry, but there you are.

I'll just drown myself in "Frozen Embryos", "Poke You in the Eye", "Hurl the Flapjacks, Wanda" and "Railroad Bill" until she returns safely.
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