Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Christmas Night

Phil actually cleared out the mound, so yah! For those not in the know, the mound is in the back of Phil's parents' property. It' in this little wooded area. Phil used to cut paths through the woods, and set a fire on the mound. He'd then throw big ragin' (for us) Mound parties.

There hasn't been one in 6 years.

This one was just Phil, Misty, Dana, Tamara, Chris and I, but still it counted. We talked a lot, prodded the fire, got engulfed in smoke, fell in the mud, etc... You know, the usual. It was loads of fun, but I still smell like campfire smoke, even after a long shower.

The minivan Chris and Tamara were driving got stuck in the mud, and Phil, Chris, and I had to push it out. Thanks to TaeBo, I was actually able to help in the brute strength department. :)

Afterwards, Chris and Tamara came over to my brother's house, and we played Sorry. I won. We also talked for a long while about Life, the Universe, and Everything. They managed to convince me to stay in Santa Fe for at least another day, so I guess my cats will have to depend on Wes for life and sustenance.

Merry Christmas, kitties.
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