Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

half a mouse

Back in the day (where "the day" is defined as 7 years ago) Joey the Lemur used to play fetch all the time. I would buy him toy mice from the store, and upon throwing one to him, he would: 1) bite off the tail, 2) remove all the fur within a few days, usually swallowing it, and 3) play fetch with me.

After moving to the Moonbase, there really wasn't enough distance anywhere, for him to get a good sprinting run up, so interest in playing fetch wained.

A few days ago I bought another packet of mice and busted them out. He didn't chew the tail off of the first one, but he did play fetch. He's not as good as he used to be, sometimes losing interest or just dropping the mouse halfway back, but he can still get pretty worked up about it. Clancy enjoys the mouse, too.

Another adorable thing is that whenever I'm not around, he'll sometimes drop the mouse into his food bowl. Why? Who knows.

It should have occurred to me that cats love toy mice so much because they're training to hunt and kill ACTUAL mice.

This morning, stepping out of the Moonbase, I found the front half of a mouse greeting me on the walkway, in roughly the same place as the massacred pigeon I found last week.


Tags: cats, clancy, joey
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