Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Christmas at the Janik house

So this was actually one of the calmest Christmas celebrations in a while. Now that we're doing the "mother's side" of things at my brother's house, the transition to my dad's is painless. You see, my brothers live right across the street from my dad.

There were presents, there was too much food, and lots of loud conversations going on. Basically a maelstrom of chaos. But compared to other years, it was quite calm.

Although... My nephews, my niece and various other young ones sort of became a natural disaster all their own. After a while they just sort of blurred together and destroyed all within their path. Amazing. I just sat back in awe and wonder at their ability.

What did I receive? Not much, but Christmas isn't about me anymore, I reckon. I got some wooden tv-dinner trays, which were quite nice, and some clever little board games from my mom. Other than that, I got a couple of novelty food baskets, and that's that. But the food sure was good. Must... resist...

I don't think anyone "ruined Christmas for everyone", maybe for the first time in Janik history.

God bless us, everyone.
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