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Parallelogramophonograph was voted as the Best Troupe at Sunday's Austin Improv Collective Awards ceremony and Thanksgiving dinner party.

That was unexpected. I touched on this in our very unprepared acceptance speech, but we owe so much to the people and other groups in town. We'd never be the troupe we are today without them.

I can't speak for the rest of the troupe, but here's just some of the influence the community's had on me:

The Heroes of Comedy in general built up all of our chops by getting us to play Micetro as much as possible, and showing me what a show with a high production value (Start Trekkin') could be like.
The Available Cupholders instilled a love of narrative and a love of playing around with formats in me.
ColdTowne's faith in us and generous gift of the weekly Thursday show helped us to grow, experiment and most importantly, perform a mega-ton of shows.
Tight/Frank Mills/McNichol and May showed us just how powerful patient scenework and a real focus on characters and relationships can be.
The Polite Society taught me to always be seeking risk, to bring the show right up to the edge of disaster, because that's where true comedy lies.
Get Up showed me that genre improv can be highly highly entertaining, and strangely freeing in a way.
The Knuckleball Now showed me the importance of having fun on stage.
Girls Girls Girls taught me that big group scenes that share focus are possible. (They sing a lot, sure, but the nature of that also leads to large group scenes, which they handle very well.)
Chris Allen and others in The Foolish Mortals and Wooden Nickel really taught me that playfulness is just as important as everything else.

There are tons of individuals, too... too many to name. But I should mention one specifically. Andy Crouch taught Kareem, Wes, and I all the basics of improv, helped instill a love of the craft in us, and encouraged us to form a troupe.

Winning the award seems absurd almost, when we're standing on the shoulders of everyone else around us.

But we'll take it. Ever onward.
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