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Professionalism [Nov. 24th, 2007|09:21 pm]
Roy Janik
[Tags|, ]

Professionalism, originally uploaded by Roy Janik.

As you could no doubt surmise from yesterday's picture post, we went
to the Renaissance festival yesterday. We bought a few new accessories
for kaci's outfit, which basically finishes it and makes her look like
a god damned professional. Kareem, Kacey, Valerie, and Val's roommate
were there as well.

Tomorrow Kareem and I embark on a journey of teaching/coaching/
directing improv. We're super excited.

Right now, kaci is in Old Navy, and I am passing the time by typing
this post.


[User Picture]From: iggy
2007-11-25 03:22 pm (UTC)

hey roy

Nice Garb!!! Happy Thanksgiving. Remember if you need that thingie that plays music still I still work at that fruit stand that sells them on weekends and I will be happy to extend my discount!

hope all is well,
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