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So, our French Farce debut was last night. It warmed my heart to see a lot of improvisers there. There's so much going on these days, that it's extraordinarily unreasonable to expect anyone to come out. So seeing them there meant a lot.

The show was crazy. We've been practicing for months, but you never really know what a show will be like until you have the adrenaline of performing pumping through your veins and the audience there to give you feedback. But it all worked. We took the suggestion of melancholy, and Kareem snapped into a morose father, seemingly upset over the death of his dog, Jean Baptiste. I played his son, Valerie his wife, and Kaci his niece, living with us. Other characters who came along were the Countess Videl (Val), set on courting the son, but persuaded into courting the father... the fat Philosophy Master (me)... and the even fatter Italian ambassador (Kaci).

I don't want to rehash the plot, but it all came together nicely, and we found lots and lots of verbal and physical games to carry us through the show.

A big personal goal for me was to hit the stylized physicality hardcore, because unless I specifically think about it I don't do it at all. So it made me very happy to have someone compliment on my physicality afterwards.

It'll be interesting to see what the show is like in the coming weeks. Last night we all kind of played characters we're comfortable with, but I imagine we'll be mixing it up.

Get Up opened for us, which is in some ways absurd. But since it's our show, we have headlining privileges. I would have liked to see their show. I heard they did a noir story, where Shannon played the detective and Shana played every other character. Totally sweet.

Now that I'm pumped up on improv, I really want to perform more. But that's my only show this weekend. Bah.
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