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Tuesday finally had her last round of shots today. Which means, thankfully, that she can actually go out into the wide world now. In fact, Kaci and I made use of her new found freedom almost immediately by bringing her to the new Torchy's Tacos location.

Being an Australian Shepherd, she has an extraordinary amount of energy each day. So I've been aching to be able to take her for walks. I'm happy to report that her first walk this evening, which lasted about 20 minutes, went pretty well. She was rambunctious, and wanted to walk a bit faster than me, but still I managed to keep her under control with the leash. I made sure we stopped at every intersection, where I made her sit. Every so often we'd be walking really fast, and I'd say to hell with it, and we'd run together. She loved that.

And whaddya know? When we got home, she was docile, and laid by my side on the futon for several hours. Of course, that could have been some of the vaccinations making her drowsy, but still... so far so good.

We also got her microchipped today. Basically they inject a microchip in her back, just behind the head, so that if she's ever lost, a simple scan will reveal who she belongs to. Cool stuff, except that the needle they use is larger than the ones used for vaccinations, and everyone expected her to scream. She actually only whimpered a small bit, and everyone was very impressed.

On a bad note, I found out that the heartworm pills we've been giving her can have a potentially toxic reaction in collie-type dogs, which can cause them to have spasms or go into comas. Fortunately, Tuesday never showed any negative signs, and now we know the brand to use going forward.

Next week she'll get spayed, and that'll be it for big things. After that, it's just a matter of obedience training, potty training, and improv training.
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