Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

He had a building to burn

Went to Mozart's. Talked to no one. Downed two hot cocoas. Wrote A LOT.
Here's a sample:
People wandered about John, but they did not see him. Ordinary people going about their ordinary lives. But the Firebrand was no longer in the universe. He was other: a wedge, a shard, that the light just passed through and around.

No one saw him.

No one, except for the boy with the golden eyes. He laughed and skipped on.

It was more than invisibility. Beyond non-substance. A ray of light in a bright room.

The Firebrand was losing control.
Hmm... Maybe this doesn't make much sense out of context. Oh, well. It IS a rough draft. What you expectin', Shakespeare? I'm workin' here.
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