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Marfa picture post

We didn't get to Marfa until around 4:30pm today, but we still managed to do a lot. We started with a book store.

The book store in Marfa carried Craig Clevenger's book Dermaphoria. Very neat, especially since the book store seemed highly selective in what they chose to sell, and seemed to carry only really nifty things. They also had an art gallery, but it was closed because a yoga class was going on inside.

This is Leana, the bartender/waitress from Blue Javelina in Marfa. She's really nice, and actually a real Marfa native. Though, as she said, she "gets mistaken for an Austinite", what with her pink hair and all. After serving us quatro leches cake (it IS possible), she told us that there was a band playing at night at the Yard Dog, the newest art gallery in town.

We went straight from the restaurant to the Marfa Mystery Lights Viewing Station to wait for the sun to set and to see the mysterious Marfa lights. It was hard to suspend disbelief and not chalk up the lights we saw to far-off cars or somesuch, but that being said, we did see several lights... they were mostly whitish, and kinda flashy. The would go away and come back from time to time. The best part, though, was listening to the chatter of families around us talking about what they thought they were, and trying to be the first to see them, and talking about other things they'd seen.
Eventually we left to see the art/rock show.

The band turned out the be the Oh Sees, on their way to Austin for SXSW. Apparently they're playing something like 9 shows over 4 days there. Crazy. Even crazier is the fact that Erika sent us an invitation to go see them play in Austin on Friday, because Bob loves them. Kaci and I actually joked about how funny it would be if the band turned out to be THAT band, and they did! They were actually damned good. And I liked a lot of the paintings in the gallery, too.

This is John, the bartender at the Thunderbird Lounge, where we went after the rock show. He may have been a little drunk or a little high, I'm not sure. But he was nice.

And here's Kaci at the Thunderbird Lounge, with the obligatory (for this trip) double-fisting drink shot. The walls are filled with big photos of various town residents.

Tomorrow we hit the Chinati Foundation, various galleries, The Chinati Hot Springs, and the McDonald Observatory, which I like to call The McDonaldland Observatory.

And here's a bonus pic. This is from a music shop in Fredericksburg. The window display featured both concertinas and a ukulele side by friggin' side. How cool and unlikely is that?
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