Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik


I turn 31 on Monday. But Monday sucks for parties. So instead, I'm having a part tonight. At the Moonbase! So if you're reading this, you're invited. The festivities kick off around 10:30pm. So come. It'll be more fun than quilting a duck!

Fun PGraph show last night. We were all in the mood to play fast and loose. So our narrative was more of a maelstrom that swirled around a core group of characters/situations, and we went meta and playful a lot. I regret nothing! And by "all" I mean Kareem, Kaci, and I. Valerie got struck down by something akin to food poisoning, and is on the road to recovery. Hopefully she'll be recovered in time for our 140th show on Saturday.

Also, I drew a duck. And then made it look pseudo-quilted. I have no idea why I did this.
Tags: doodles, improv, moonbase, pgraph
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