Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik


PGraph was accepted into, and is going to perform at The Providence Improv Festival in Rhode Island. Our slot is Friday, June 27th at 10PM. And we'll be doing French Farce.

Last year, TJ & Dave played, and they're pretty much at the top of my list of improv groups to see that I haven't seen yet. This year? I've got no idea yet. I think some sort of law was passed that Bassprov has to headline every improv festival in 2008, so that's my prediction, personally.

I'm researching plane ticket prices, and they're not looking great. For flying in Friday and leaving Sunday, I can't find anything cheaper than $388 per person. I'm sure with perseverence and daily searches, something will turn up, but if you have any leads, or some amazing connection you can exploit for us, please let me know.

Jill B., are you going again?
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