Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

the most wonderful thing

One of the nominal reasons we got Tuesday when we did was because we wanted a guard dog. Lots of people told us after the Moonbase was broken into the 2nd time that a dog would keep robbers away more effectively than any alarm system.

That idea sort of turned into a joke the moment we got the tiniest dog we could find. Kareem, I believe, said something like "if you keep saying she's a guard dog I will kill you" or words to that effect.

But as of this morning the dream is alive again.

I was sleeping on the futon, the result of having tried to wake up earlier, stumbling into the living room, and passing out again. Tuesday was sleeping at my feet. After about an hour, I woke up to the sound of Tuesday growling fiercely.

She never growls, except when she's playing tug-of-war, and even then it's a soft growl. I've only heard her bark like 5 times in her life.

As I came awake, she started growling even louder, and even made a couple tentative half barks. I looked outside to see what she was so upset about, but didn't notice anything at first. Then I saw a man in a green vest making his way into the backyard to check our electricity meters.

I calmed tuesday down and let her know it was alright, and she cheered up immediately and started running around and playing.

So that was so very awesome. Tuesdsay loves other people, and when someone comes over, she wiggles her little butt and rolls over for a belly scratch. But when the chips are down, and she's not sure how to react because I'm asleep and not able to show her how to feel, she comes through like a champ and warns me.

Tuesday, you rule.
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