Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

pigeon with a fez

We had our last Screwball Comedy show tonight, and it was our best. My favorite, anyhow. We really put the emphasis on the "screwball" portion. Pigeon with a hat, Banana's not a nut, dogs bursting into flames, The Freedom Kids. You know.

It was one of those shows where we were all on. One of those "magic" shows Kareem alluded to. At least to me.


Something else awesome. After the show we talked to a charming couple who've seen us perform at least 3 times. They've seen us do Screwball, Villainy, and some other show. The guy was like "It's different every time!" But the awesome part was that they heard about us from their friend who saw us perform at The Providence Improv Festival and recommended us.

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