Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Meet Joe Doe

The moment I heard about Joe the Plumber, I thought of "Meet John Doe", a Frank Capra movie PGraph watched when researching for "Some Like it Improvised". It turns out it's not really a screwball comedy at all, but it's more in line with Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. In it, an "average Joe" finds himself at the forefront of a populist movement, and along the way, a greedy politician tries to co-opt his rising power into his own bid for the Presidency.

In the movie, John Doe clubs spring up all over the nation, based on the principle of neighbors helping neighbors.

And now, the real-life plot and parallels continue:

"I am starting a charity up, it's called 'Secure Our Dream.' It's just about people, neighbors in the community," Wurzelbacher told


"You know there's a lady on my street that is going to lose her house because of disability. You know ... that's something this charity that I am starting would help, help people directly," he said.

And from a long scene in the movie where folks are raving about the John Doe Club:
Well, sir, about a dozen families got together and gave Grubbel a job watering their lawns. Isn't that wonderful? And then we found jobs for six other people and they've all gone off relief!


Oh, and let's not forget that both John Doe and Joe the Plumber start off their careers with a lie. John Doe is basically pretending to be someone so fed up with political corruption that he's going to kill himself... and Joe the Plumber had no real intention of buying the plumbing business and making 250k... plus he isn't a licensed plumber.

A quick search reveals that loads and loads of other people came to the same conclusion.
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