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car go beep beep run over the easter bunny

Today, I finally got my car back from the mechanic. Wait, let me back up.

My inspection sticker has been expired since August of 2008. No reason, really, just sheer laziness. Also, taking it in for an inspection always makes me nervous that they'll find something wrong with it and it won't pass, and I'll take it to the mechanic and they'll charge me 8,000 dollars. So I tend to avoid it.

Also, for the past month I've had a brake light out. Fast forward to me at the mechanic:

me: "Oh, I also have a rear brake light out."
mechanic: "So your front brake lights work fine?"
me: "Yeah, they're fi- Why, youuuuuuuu..."

Rewind. So the brake light's been out, I'm out of wiper fluid, the wipers themselves need replacing, I'm overdue for an oil change, and the the "brake pad" warning light is on. All that combined is not enough to get me to the mechanic.

Fortunately for me, 3 weeks ago I got pulled over, and got a ticket for the expired inspection sticker. The way that works is, if you get your car inspected and hotfoot it down to the Municipal Court before your "court date", you get the ticket dismissed and only have to pay 20 bucks.

So the deadline was this Friday. And since my brake light was out, I knew I needed to take it in to the mechanic. So Monday I did that. Kareem's been driving me around since, thankfully.

So the mechanic (Terry Sayther Automotive... great people, and they only service Minis and BMWs) does a bunch of stuff: fixes the brake pad light (it was a faulty light, not the pads), changes the oil, fixes a strut, replaces two motor mounts, fixes the brake light and another light I didn't know was out, realigns my headlights, puts fluid and new wipers in, and replaces a faulty cooling fan. They also inspect the car to make sure it'll pass inspection. It all added up to be pricey, but not insanely so. All the motor mount / strut / fan stuff was stuff we'd talked about before, so it didn't come as a shock.

So car fixed, I went and got it inspected. It did fine. The new inspection stickers that expire in 2010 have a big '0' for the year. That confuses me. I then immediately drove to court (the north location, with hardly any line), and got the ticket waved.

Anyways, my point is... just doing that little bit has removed a tremendous amount of stress from me. My car is now in tip-top shape (excluding the locks and doors, but meh), and I don't have to watch my back for cops.

My new goal is to tackle anything causing me stress and face it head on. Here's a brief list of things I can actually address and relieve in some tangible way, in decreasing order of amount of stress:

Wedding Planning
Southwest Portland video

I'm stressed about improv/Hideout stuff, but in sort of a vague, intagible, so much to do way.

So now for work!
And when I get home, cleaning!
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