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More London pictures.

It's 1:22AM here in London, and it's our last night here. Kaci and I will be leaving the hotel in 4 hours and taking the London Underground to the airport. Our flight leaves at like 8:50 in the morning.

I'm not quite sleepy, so I'm fooling around online, uploading pictures, and drinking the bottle of Magners Pear cide we bought a few days ago.

Here are some pictures from the past few days...

Here's Kaci outside of Buckingham Palace. I'm not quite sure if we saw THE CHANGING OF THE GUARD, but we definitely saw some guards changing places. It was pretty sweet. We also saw a horse drawn carriage leave the palace, ride around, and go back in. Near as we could tell, there were two coachmen, but no actual people inside the carriage.

After that, we walked around St. James Place Park (something like that). It was very beautiful.

The park had about a billion species of water fowl in it (not pictured here)... black swans, 3 species of goose, gulls, many species of ducks. Speaking of ducks, a map of the park promised a small mass of land called "Duck Island". I was immediately excited by this prospect and insisted that we take a special journey to visit DUCK ISLAND. When we got there, however...

HEY JERKWADS. Don't give something the exciting, mysterious, and tantalizing name "Duck Island" if you're not allowed to visit it. If was Nancy Drew or a Hardy Boy I wouldn have hopped the fence and discovered it's secrets, but alas, Duck Island will forever remain a mystery to me.

After the Duck Island disaster, we had to heal our wounds by going shopping. We went to Harrod's, which is apparently a world-famous department store. It was very very fancy. I saw a lot of fancy man clothes I could never afford, and I fell in love with some fancy man umbrellas (manbrellas?) I could barely afford but would never ever need.

I think Kaci's comment when seeing this giant bear was "Look at his little bear face", which confirms my supposition, that in Kaci's world, it doesn't matter how large you are. If you're cute, you're little.

Continuing our theatre spree, we saw Billy Elliot: The Musical, a tale of a young lad growing up in a mining town in the 80s during a massive strike. I guessed beforehand that at some point Billy Elliot would be flying around the air on a wire, and I was not disappointed. Another thing I was not disappointed in was the interval icecream.

Apparently a proud and unwavering British tradition, every West End show we went to (4 in all) offered ice cream for sale during the intermission. LIttle carts that materialized in the theater offered chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and toffee. For 3 of the 4 performances, the icecream labels were specifically theatre themed. Amazing, and something we should adopt in the States immediately. I may have to implement an intermission during Hideout shows just so we can sell ice cream.

Speaking of food, we've been seeing ads for this McDonald's Little Tex Mex burger all over the place. Confusing to say the least. I finally went online and looked it up. Here's the description: "A 100% beef patty, slice of cheese, sour cream & chive sauce, lettuce and salsa sauce all served in a sesame & chive bun." As near as I can tell, some sort of sauce approximating salsa is the only thing making this guy remotely "tex-mex". Still, I like the fact that the term "Tex-Mex" is known in the UK. The few Mexican restaurants I saw were all billed as Tex-Mex cantinas.

Today we went to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre for the 5th and final theatrical performance of the trip. The Globe was the theatre that Shakespeare wrote and first put up many of his plays in. The original burned down in 1619 or thereabouts, and the 2nd one was torn down by Puritans in 1644, I think.

This one was built in 1997, the dream of an American Shakespearian actor in London. It was like a 40 year project to get it done, but now it serves a history lesson, theatre company, and Shakespeare research institute all in one. We saw "Love's Labours Lost", one of the more frivolous comedies. It was magical, seeing a decent approximation of how the plays were originally staged. The poor people in the open-air standing section were pelted with rain during the performance. We had mulled wine and sausage  bread things.

I may post more on our Globe experience later. I'm still processing it, and it gave me a lot to think about.

Also, we were extremely happy to see that yes, indeed, the play ended with a merry jig, which Kaci will no doubt be posting video of at some point. It made me glad that we added the jig to our improvised Shakespeare run last year.

That's it for pictures. It's 2:01AM now, and I'm waking up in 3 hours.

This honeymoon has been a dream, and now I'm going to try and crawl into bed without disturbing my lovely wife. Goodnight.

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