Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

the quiet revolution

of the lamest sort. I've finally abandoned Thunderbird, a desktop email client, in favor of just using Gmail on the web. I stuck with Thunderbird for so long because I obsessively save almost all my email, and I have a thousand folders designed to help categorize things. Gmail's labels don't support multiple levels.

But I like all the Gmail Labs features a lot. And I like that I can add them to customize my mail experience, and then it'll be the same no matter where I check from. And I like the grouping of emails into conversations, and the archiving without deleting, and the easy filtering, and the built-in previewing of YouTube, google docs, and flickr links. And so on.

Another part of the revolution is that I've consolidated all my email into one. Everything now goes to, which is hosted using Google Apps for Domains. This basically means that I have Gmail, but I access it at, and I get my own handy email address. Same with and

The problem, now, is that I need a new organizational scheme. My old hierarchical folders show up as labels with descriptive, but unwieldy names like improv/hideout/shows/dickens and the like. I'll probably just wind up consolidating everything into vaguer but simpler labels.


Google Google Google Google.

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