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parking lot crimes [Nov. 12th, 2009|03:14 pm]
Roy Janik

I got a call from IBM Security earlier. Apparently someone clipped my long suffering Mini Cooper, Sir Frances Drake, while they were pulling into a parking spot. They broke my back left tail light and pulled the back bumper out a bit:

This same someone then proceeded to pull out of the spot, and repark elsewhere. Fortunately, another IBM employee saw the whole thing, got their license plate number, left me a note, and informed IBM Security.

I went outside to meet the security lady.As you can see, it's not that bad. She said that the lady who hit my car was a contractor, probably a janitor, and that she had called her supervisor to get in touch with her. Also that she was a tiny old lady and spoke very little English. She then told me that they'd probably bring her around to my office in about 20 minutes.


Fortunately, I think something of my reticence to have a tremendously awkward encounter came across, as the security lady called me later and offered to get the insurance information herself.

So that's where we stand.  What's the procedure with this kind of stuff, anyhow? Do I call my insurance company first, or do I take it into the shop and see if it's worth hassling over, price-wise?


[User Picture]From: grumpydragon
2009-11-12 09:46 pm (UTC)
Try and avoid calling your insurance company at all. any reported accident (your fault or not) can potentially affect your rates.

Wait until you get the insurance information from the other person. Then go after them to fix it. They will want all of the details/etc. and I'd provide them with as many pictures as you can. They might ask you to take it to an adjuster, or you can request that an adjuster come to you as well.

They should pay for the whole thing. They may require you to take it to a specific place, but whatever as long as its fixed.

If the lady does not have insurance, you have two choices. Go through your insurance and then they will go after the lady for the money (maybe), and you will pay deductible and then they will pay the rest.

You can avoid insurance and just take it in yourself and have it repaired.

Third choice is just to not have anything done.

Also, the individual left the scene of an accident without putting any information into it. Its a crime to do that, and without a note or intention of telling anyone inside (which it appears she did not), you are lucky. I'd probably call the police and put in a report.

Old/no speaky english does not mean you shouldn't be following the law.
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