Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

fun times

Kaci and Val took off to the Blue Genie Art Bazaar, so I took Tuesday to the park for a walk this morning. Tuesday LOVES the park. Loves it so much that if you say "Do you want to go for a walk" she starts freaking out and whining and dancing around. I realize that we're only encouraging this behavior by being delighted by it, but whatever.

Here's the agenda for a walk to the park.

1) Walk up the street to South 1st. Walk over to Powell.
2) At this point you're at the top of a hill, so after making Tuesday sit down, start a race to the bottom, running like hell.
3) Walk to the middle of the park (actually the field of an elementary school (Dolphin Pride!)
4) Throw the ball using the plastic atlatl-like device that slings the ball super far.
5) Get cuted out by Tuesday running her little fluffy heart out to fetch the ball.
6) Repeat steps 4 through 6 until Tuesday starts dropping the ball halfway or sitting down to take breaks.
7) Walk back to the Moonbase.
8) Watch Tuesday pass out on the futon.

Today the pattern was interrupted by a visitor. I'd slung the ball about 30 times or so, and was doing so again when something large wooshed by me, passed up Tuesday and snatched up the ball. It turned out to be our neighbor's black and white border collie, an affable guy who's been there for years and years. Lately Tuesday's been sneaking out of a hole in our fence to go visit him, so I reckon they're friends.

Anyhow, it turns out that this dog is actually a much better behaved fetcher than Tuesday. He comes straight back to you and drops the ball a few feet out so that it rolls right to you. Tuesday tends to sidestep you and drop the ball a little ways off so that she can try to grab it from you.

At any rate, this dog is way larger than Tuesday, so to be fair, I had to sling the ball near Tuesday so that she'd at least have a chance of getting it.

They both had a blast, and when it was time to go, I walked the dog over to his front yard. Well, he led the way, actually. The fence around their front yard is wooden and short, so I think he can pretty easily leap over it when properly motivated. He waited patiently by the gate, which I opened for him, and he barreled into the yard. A pleasant visit!

I do like to imagine him hearing the sounds of "Fetch!" and "Good dog!" being carried over by the wind to his yard until he couldn't stand it anymore and just had to join us.
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