Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik


Yesterday was another good night of shows for the Hideout. I think Austin Secrets had 45 people in the audience, which is great, and Maestro was sold out.

The lead-up to the shows was pretty stressful for me, though. I awoke to find that water was pouring out of our laundry shed in the carport. I went outside and discovered that in the night one of the pipes that sends water to the washer had burst. It took me a bit to figure it out logically, but eventually I found the shutoff valve. Unfortunately, it didn't shut off the water all the way, but it did stop it from being a torrent.

So I started calling plumbers, beginning with Union Jack plumbing, with the nicest, best plumber in the world, Nick. He didn't have any openings, but he gave me a few recommendations. They were full-up too.

Then the weirdest thing happened. Someone knocked at my door. It was a retired plumber who saw the water from the street and told me my pipes were burst. We then got to talking, and he shut my water off for me (I didn't know where the main shutoff was). Then he started showing me exactly how to fix the problem, demonstrating with parts he had in his toolbox. He would have just fixed it himself, but he didn't have everything he needed.

Armed with that knowledge, I steeled myself to do some plumbing on my own. I went to Home Depot and to Lowes, but they were both out of the things I needed to buy (mainly a 1/2" Sharkbite Slip connector). So I came home and tried a temporary repair that didn't work.

I finally got a call back from a plumber that Lacey recommended, and he should be coming today. Meanwhile, we have no water unless I turn it back on and let water spew for a bit.

But all that is a precursor to say that I wound up eating up like 5 hours that I had intended on using to get ready for Austin Secrets. So Kaci and I eventually grabbed some Chick-fil-a and headed out to Bennu.

At Bennu I started taking pictures of mailed-in Austin Secrets postcards, and inserting the images into the slideshow for that night's show. After I'd done a preliminary organizing into the different acts, I started working on the program for this week, putting in the bios of the players who'd finally sent theirs in.

We had to rush to Kinkos (I mean FedEx Office). It was about 6:30pm at this time and call-time was at 7pm. We got the programs printed and ran to the Hideout. And then I spent the final hour leading up to the show polishing up the slideshow of secrets and going over the show with our tech folks.

So once again I was a ball of nerves and fret before the show. But apparently that makes for a good show or something, because the show itself went fantastically.

The audience liked the show even more than last week, if anything. One of our goals was to hit the serious stuff even harder, and we definitely accomplished that in a few scenes. And we totally validated the idea that if you do something darker and serious, the next time you do something funny, the audience will erupt into laughter. The scenes following the serious scenes got HUGE laughs. The peaks are that much higher when the valleys are lower. And the show ended with sustained, loud applause.

There are 7 more shows in the run. I'm hoping we can hit the dramatic even harder, and learn to make the show something truly special. Also, I hope that the Austin secrets keep coming in. A good 1/3 to 1/2 of our secrets last night were ones submitted for our show, and it would be cool to do a whole show with nothing but Austin secrets.
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