Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

iPad VS. Kindle

Just watched/followed the Apple announcement about the iPad, their new Tablet computer. It looks pretty awesome, and one day when I'm out of debt and secure in my finances, I'll probably get one.

The thing I don't agree with is that it's a Kindle-killer. The new iPad comes with a comprehensive, really super slick bookstore and reading interface. It's loads prettier than the Kindle.


For starters, the display is not eInk, so it's going to be a bigger strain on the eyes. But more importantly, it's a friggin' computer. Maybe most people have better willpower than me, but just knowing that I can check my email, jump on the web, load the Facebook app, etc, is going to keep me in a constant state of distraction.

What I love about the Kindle is its simplicity. I dunno. Maybe the iPad will kill of the Kindle. But I'll at least be sad about it.
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