Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Why I turned Down PayPal

As some of you know, I got a job offer from PayPal. I just turned it down.

Wait, let me back up. First I got laid off from IBM. Then I sent out my resume to loads of places.

Almost immediately, my friend (and former improv student) Neal got me some contracting work programming for a contracting group he's a partner in. 

Then my application to PayPal actually got me an interview there. I had a good phone interview and a good day of interviews on-site. A week or two passed, and I got a call with a job offer. It paid more than my job at IBM did. 

Hooray! Right? Right?

Neal talked to me about trusting the contracting enough to stick with it.... clock more hours, make it my career. He pointed out that it was everything I'd been saying I wanted... flexibility, the ability to scale back if needed, working from home or a coffeeshop, take extended time off for improv, having VARIETY, etc, etc...

But of course, there's risk, too. Will there be enough work for me? Will something go horribly awry? Something like PayPal seems much more stable.

But ultimately, if I don't try to go for it now, when will I? This is an opportunity, and I need to seize it.

So, it's time to get organized, to pay off my debts, and embrace a life of more freedom but greater risks.

Wish me luck.

Oh, and I should point out, I wouldn't have the courage to make this leap if it weren't for Kaci's enthusiasm and support. 
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