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Eris [Oct. 9th, 2010|01:31 pm]
Roy Janik

I'm more bummed than I thought I would be that our run of Eris 2035 is over.

I mean, it makes sense to stop right now. I think my brain (subconscious or otherwise) is about tapped out when it comes to dreaming up science-fictiony plot-twists that don't seem forced or whacky. Like all our shows, it'll be good to put this one on the backburner and then revisit it with a new focus and new sources of inspiration later.

But like Kareem has been saying, Eris has been super good for PGraph, because it's totally practicing what we preach... pushing ourselves into not-strictly comedic realms, enjoying silence, and tension, and stage picture, and all that.

I'm also sad because Eris enabled us to collaborate with other improvisers in a very tangible way, both locally and abroad. Last night we incorporated videos from 3 of our friends. The week before that, we played a video from Sean Fabri, an Australian we met last year at Out of Bounds:

He had a whole team of videographers work on the effects for that. Amazing.

Part of me has a dream of relaunching Eris 2035 after a while somewhere other than The Hideout, like the Blue Theater or the Off Center... completely away from the expectation of a comedy show...  beefing up the set design and the tech... extending the length to whatever the show demands, and really reveling in those lengthy silences. Maybe we could even section off the set to do more convincing space/moon walks, and have live video in the back, and, and...

Anyhow, it's been a pleasure. It's an honor to be a part of PGraph, and I hope I never take it for granted. This show went from an idea to a reality very quickly. Almost as soon as it was proposed in rehearsal, everyone seized upon it.

And up next? Something totally different, and at least equally as scary, if not more so. Hint: I need to learn to sing.

[User Picture]From: ftbonnigan
2010-10-10 11:43 pm (UTC)
This looks like it was an awesome format. Will totally have to come see a show next time you guys run it. I agree with the venue-change-for-non-comedic-expectations. I have been developing my solo format Dribble Funk and it is not strictly funny (with the purposeful goal not being such) and I find usual improv show audience members are often baffled by what they see. They expect wackiness and get a developed improvised story. I always wonder if it'd be better in a more traditional theatre setting...

All the best, man.
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