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the theater was a converted church - Roy Janik [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Roy Janik

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the theater was a converted church [Apr. 4th, 2011|06:12 pm]
Roy Janik
I want to bottle up PGraph's time in Orlando at Rollins College, so that I can take it out whenever I want to and remember how it felt. 

There's something about traveling with the troupe that I love. We're just totally focused on the task at hand, and we can't really be distracted by the rest of our lives that much. We wander around, catch some food, discuss the show, play with the space, discuss our needs with the tech folk, talk improv with whoever wants to, do the show, drink and talk some more, stay up late in the hotel chatting and acting goofy, laughingly eat terrible airport food, make fools of ourselves, make new friends...

I'm sure it would wear on me after a while. And I'm sure our month in Edinburgh will have some seriously rough patches.

But it's a little bit like Heaven. 

Improv, give me just enough money to support myself and my wife, and I'll dedicate my life to you. Okay, so I'm planning on doing that anyways, but a little kickback couldn't hurt.