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Weezer and Quiet Company [Jun. 8th, 2011|02:05 am]
Roy Janik
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Dear Diary,

Kaci and I went and saw Weezer tonight at Stubb's. It was the concert where they played Pinkerton all the way through, plus some other songs at the top.

They sounded great, and the audience of course, was wildly enthusiastic. Kaci and I staked out our spot: near the entrance, but up on this hill. So we had a good, if far away, vantage point. But hey, we could see things.

It's not quite that easy for me to get into a concert when I'm super far back, but I still enjoyed it. Not quite the same as being pressed up against the front and all, but also not as painful or sweaty. I saw Nick Ramirez, Michael Williams, Joel Reese, Leah and Taylor Muse, Erik Adams, Teresa York, and Julia Kirchen all there. Pretty sweet.

Some guy bought us a bottled water, and we chowed down on chopped beef sammiches.

Immediately afterwards, we walked into the interior of Stubbs and watched Quiet Company, the band of the aforementioned Taylor Muse. They were fantastic as always, and I actually knew a lot of their songs. God, they can make a song sound epic better than almost anyone. The show was pretty much my ideal setup for a concert. Good, happy audience, but still enough space to maneuver to the front and see the band up close and personal. Oh, and they had a trombone player, and that made everything even better. 

Here's a video of them, albeit not from tonight's show: