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Roy Janik

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No sleep till... [Jan. 9th, 2001|04:47 am]
Roy Janik
Okay, so OCD strikes again. I stayed up until now (4:36) working on....


Dinosaur Moon Park? Nope, Firebrand? Uh-uh. Buh stuff? Wrong again.

No, I stayed up until 4:36 trying to repair my video card. A long time ago I royally messed it up, and it's never been the same. Well, now it is back to its initial state. What this means is that I can hook up the webcam to the TV, camcorder or PS2! Which means that from time to time I'll be showing clips from old home videos, rather than a live feed (probably while I'm doing Taebo). If I could figure out how to get my VCR to auto-rewind, I'd just leave on a video while I was at work.

Bah. Well now it's far too early to go to sleep, so I'm going to get a shower, and go to work. Wish me luck in surviving the day. My plan is to work on "Rebels of Tron" full-force after work, too, now that Dinosaur Moonpark has a website. Hmm... Maybe I'll have to work in a nap somewhere. :)