Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

look around, would it bring somebody down, if I never made a sound again?

Okay, now that I have some time, and it's not an ungodly hour of the morning, I'll tell you more about the Superdrag show.

First, my attire. As usual when I'm in a fairly good mood, I donned my powder blue suit coat (circa 1977) and one of my more outlandish silly hats. I was also wearing my Weezer shirt underneath the coat. I figured that the crowd would be fairly "alternative", so it wouldn't matter too much. Ultimately it didn't, but I was still heavily amused when I walked into the bar and everyone else was dressed in drab colors. EVERYONE. It was a veritable sea of browns, blacks, and greys (the color, not the alien). Okay, I guess I should have expected that.

But even when I was hardcore "grunge" in high school and college, I was still a brightly colored slacker. What can I say? At any rate, all this is neither here nor there. As I said earlier, the place was friggin' packed to the gills. Everyone seemed to be there to see Superdrag, but no one jumped around or anything. Actually, for the most part this seems to be a trend in Austin. Maybe I just don't go to the right places. Everyone seems to be so busy appreciating the music that no one ever takes time out to ENJOY it. Did that make any sense?

But -I- enjoyed it. Superdrag was totally rockin', and it warmed my heart to know that REALLY good music still exists, and passion still has a place in music. If you're not passionate about something, then what the fuck are you doing it for? It may seem like I'm being a hypocrite here, being a computer programmer, but piss off! I love programming. It's an art, I'm pretty good at it, and it's a continual act of creation. At least for me. Other people may be thrilled to be labeled "software engineers", but to me it makes me sad.

At ANY rate, I walked back to the merchandise booth (there was more space there), and started talking to The Put Out's, one of the bands that opened for Superdrag. They were really cool, and looked like people you'd expect to be in Weezer/Pavement. In fact, the guitarist (I believe) commented on my Weezer shirt and said that he had never seen that one before. I explained that I got it at X-Fest just recently. We talked for a bit, and ultimately the band revealed something... They needed a place to stay for the night.

I always wanted to be cool enough to have alterna-bands crash at my place whenever they came through town. I guess I'm just a groupie at heart, or something. And I nearly pulled it off that night. Ultimately, the friend who they were originally supposed to stay with showed up, so they didn't come over. But still. What a friggin' show my webcam would have had then, eh?

So I guess that's the whole story. I was a total bastard, and left as soon as Superdrag was done, leaving the last band (Flipside Den) high and dry. Ah, well.
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