Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

an ungodly long post. Apologies.

Today I decided to shop. I've been really digging wearing my powder blue lounge suit coat and accompanying silly hat whenever I go out to bars. But let's face it, the thing's getting old. It's mildly tattered, and has little stains all over. Still, I think it's the best 5 bucks I've ever spent. Somewhere, I've got matching pants stored away as well. Now I need a replacement.

So I decided to hit the thrift stores. I headed down Lamar towards campus, with the vague intention of going to the Buffalo Clothing Exchange, and hitting any interesting places on the way. So the first place I hit was Goodwill, and I found a nice powder blue coat. It's a little less "loud" than my current one, but oddly enough it has never been worn. The original price tag from Sears was still sewn into it (it retailed for 100 bucks). It IS a little small, and I'm afraid it makes me look fat, but I bought it anyways.

Next, I went to Buffalo, and there was lots of good stuff, but I purchased none of it. Same goes for Good Gawd, the Denim Patch, & a myriad of other stores on the Drag.

Oddly enough, I ended up purchasing the most stuff at Urban Outfitters. They were having a ridiculous sale on men's stuff. It was 50% off all already "on sale" items. So I got two semi-nice pairs of pants, and a big, comfy purple sweater (which I immediately adorned upon leaving the store). Oh, yeah, I also purchased an album frame, for displaying records. So now the Judy's Moo is proudly displayed in my apartment (next to Keanu Reeves). I've been told I need to decorate more, so this is my first step.

I decided to leave the Drag, and head to Half-price Books on Lamar. On the way, though, I suddenly remembered that Momoko existed. So I went in to get my coconut milk tea fix. Two attractive "alternative" cashiers were working behind the counter, and were pleasant enough to me. However, I had to spend at least five dollars before I could use my checkcard, so I scoured the store for something to buy. I've been looking for good stationary for awhile, so I ended up getting some Tare Panda themed paper and envelopes. Sure, it's a little cutesy, but I'm happy with it. Now I just needed addresses to write to.

While I was paying for my tea and stationary, the MST3K theme song (covered by Man or Astroman) came on. The girl behind the counter said "Wow! I love this song!" I took that as a good sign, and launched into a story about how Joel once got up on the stage in his jumpsuit and sang along with them. She nodded, and took my checkcard. A few moments later, she said "I never even knew Man or Astroman covered that song. I've only ever heard it sung by , which has in it." So she knew nothing about MST3K, and my story made no sense. Ah well.

So after my detour to Momoko, I headed out to Lamar once again. However, it turns out that when you go to Lamar from 24th, you can't turn left. So I went straight, and found myself near Pease Park, where we filmed some Bastard Squad stuff (James as a cop and Colleen as a mean driver). I also remembered that an amtgard group fights there on Sunday, so I said "What the hell" and turned in. For those of you who don't know, Amtgard is a live-action fantasy role-playing thing, with an emphasis on combat.

So there I am in sensible purple sweater, silly hat, and Eris necklace. There were about 20 people involved in a battle when I arrived. I stood on the sidelines, exchanged pleasantries with a couple of people, and just kicked back. I learned that the group was the Duchy of Torimar. The duchess, Nightshade, then spoke up, and said "Do I know you?" I said no, explained that I had fought in the Wetlands a long time ago, and that I knew Slyddur (Phil). We talked for a bit, and then out of nowhere she invited me to have dinner at her place later. Pause.

I think my immediate reaction was to say "no", as it was just odd. But then I thought to myself, "Wouldn't this be fun to write about in my livejournal?" So I said yes. Here's to adventure.

I got directions, and left to finally go to Half-Price Books. I bought three blank books, which are covered in the same sort of Guatemalan fabric that make up my hats. I plan on using them to work on Firebrand some more. At any rate, I went home, tried on my new clothes, read some journal entries, and went on to the home of Nightshade (whose real name is Elizabeth). She lives with another Amtgarder, who is an engineer and avid archer. In fact, there were around 40 bows of various shapes and sizes. There was also a lovable husky dog named Wizard. I find this amusing, as the only other husky I've had the pleasure to meet was named Merlin.

At any rate, Elizabeth cooked some sweet and sour pork, which was delicious, and we talked about all sorts of stuff. Around 8:40, I thanked her for the dinner and headed on my way. She was very nice, I think she'd make a good friend. Maybe I'll take up fighting again. I'll probably still suck at it just as bad as I did in the past, though.

So I recoup, IM Wes, and we decide to go to Mojo's, a coffeehouse near the Drag that we've never been to before, to work on stuff for Dinosaur Moonpark. Rumor was that it was 24/7, which is something I've been trying to find. A little later we arrived, and it was very hip. I think we were a little out of place in our sensible sweaters. Once again there were attractive alternative people behind the counter, and they were talkative and nice. I had no idea what I wanted, and when I said this, one of the women immediately informed me that I was having a "Mojo".

Sure, whatever. A Mojo turned out to be a very powerful coffee-esque beverage poured over ice. That's all I know, since when I asked what was in it, she told me "Heaven". Wes and I worked on Dinosaur Moonpark for a bit, which mainly consisted of me drawing silly pictures of dinosaurs and Wes actually accomplishing stuff. Two mojo's and a Stewart's soda later, we departed.

And that's my story. Oh, except for the part where I gave a homeless guy 10 bucks. And the part where I wrote the longest friggin' livejournal post ever, and yet somehow didn't manage to bare any of my emotions or thoughts.

Dear god, I hope that you all just skimmed this. :) I know I would.
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