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Roy Janik

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‘Cause all I have left is my memories of yesterday, [Jan. 16th, 2001|09:46 pm]
Roy Janik
And speaking of yesterday, here's what went down. Kat got back from Peru, after being there for all of Christmas vacation. After talking to her for a bit on IM, it was revealed that she needed some nails to hang up stuff that she had brought back with her. Now here's where things get odd. She insisted upon stealing nails from a construction site rather than purchasing them at a hardware store. I tried to explain to her that nails were fairly cheap, but she was having none of it. And besides, who am I to turn down an adventure?

So after picking her up (which was involved process, because I had failed to ask what her apartment number was), we set off in search of a place to pilfer. The first place we tried was Friday's, because... ermmm.. I was hungry. No nails, but the peppercorn burger was as good as I remembered.

Freshly fueled, we headed out to the hell that is the rolling hill/suburban nightmare behind my apartment complex. We drove and drove and drove. We occasionally found a house under construction, but there were always crews still working on them. In disgust we tried elsewhere, but to no avail.

Eventually (an hour later), we came back to the first site we had seen and found it to be abandoned. I parked ze car, and we stepped inside. Nails abounded, as did all sorts of other potentially harmful building supplies. There was also a toolcase full of latino cassettes. We explored the house, grabbed some nails and two bricks, and beat a hasty retreat.

So all is good. Today, I'm happy to report, Kat used the nails to hang up her mementos of Peru.

So here's to breaking the law.