Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

Your child is starting to dismount at inappropriate moments.

Last night was the Knighthood of Buh's night out to go see the Upright Citizens Brigade perform live at the Bad Dog Comedy Theater. At 22 bucks a pop and a two drink minimum, it wasn't exactly a cheap little expedition.

We all met at Katz's (which never kloses, I gotta tell you). Wes ordered a banana for some strange reason. We ate, had incredibly bad manners, and carpooled over to the show. This means that my car was left there. Remember that, it becomes important in the next post.

The show was well worth the price. The performances were spot-on, performed as good or better than in the tv show. We all sat in the front 2 rows (we being Wes, myself, Kat, Hektor, Kareem, Eric, Zac, Cindy, James and Sara). There was a reserved seat right next to Hektor, and before the show started, Colby, the lone woman in the cast, sat in it. Hector had no idea who she was, and informed us later that the following thoughts ran through his head:

1. Hey, she's sitting in the reserved seat. I wonder if she knows.
2. Hey, she's kindof attractive. Maybe I'll just keep my mouth shut.

The skits were hilarious, and Adair's redneck character was the shining star in my opinion. The only bad thing about the skits was that it was for the most part stuff from the show. This is to be expected I guess (look at Monty Pythons live stuff). The true glory, however, came at the end, when they did the improv. Wes is wrong about it being hit and miss. I thought the whole thing was side-splitting, and I stand in awe of their abilities.

After the show, we hung out in the upstairs bar for awhile, played pool, socialized, and even talked to the cast of UCB a little bit. Eventually, we headed to sixth street and went to BW-3, a chicken wing joint with some really HOT sauce.

At 2:00, we headed to Kat's apartment to continue the revelry. Wes wussed out and went home, which is unfortunate, because Kat made some really good amerreto sours.

Long night, lots of good conversation, and ultimately I ended up passed out on Kat's couch.

But WAIT! There's a problem... Kat has no car, and my car.... is at Katz's!
Will I survive?
Tune in next post for my amazing adventure.
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