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We could make fun of all the things we used to yesterday. [Jan. 28th, 2001|12:52 pm]
Roy Janik
Let's catch you up on the weekend's activities (first of a two post series)

Friday night there was to be a BUH outing to go see Snatch, but Wes and I bailed to do new and interesting things down on 6th street. Wes was wearing his kilt, so of course he got all the attention, the bastard. We went to the Ritz, which was a lot les "alternative" than I remember and a lot more hick-y. As the night wore-on, though, more and more cool people came in. As an aside, am I the only one who says "alternative" anymore? Here's another confession... I occasionally say "grunge", too. Wee!

When we left The Ritz, we heard some rockin' jiggy music coming from an Irish Pub (B.D. Rilley's), so of course we went inside. There was a band playing within, PubCrawler. They were really good and REALLY Irish. They even had a few novelty songs in their repertoire, so I felt right at home. Niki, the waitress, took a shining to us and proceeded to show us magic tricks using everyday objects hanging around the pub. At one point I tried to slow down alcohol consumption, saying that if I had another Harp, I was likely to fall over. Niki replied "It's an Irish Pub. You're allowed to fall over." Fair enough.

The highlight of the experience, however, was when PubCrawler played "The Scotsman", which I had just finished saying I wish they would play. They, did, of course, play it in Wes's honor, so they made him stand in front of everyone and dance a merry jig. I think he was blushing.

That was Friday night in a nutshell.

[User Picture]From: zinereem
2001-11-11 11:20 pm (UTC)
So there it is. We first saw Pubcrawler on Friday, January 26th. huzzah.
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