Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

You're all mine, but your momma's next door, dancin' to the same old song on the radio

Saturday, on the other hand, was a little more intriguing. Eric came over and we looked for an apartment (without much motivation). We realized that all the apartments are exactly the same, and there's not much point in going around to look at them. We're going to try and find a house to rent, but the problem with that is that they don't become available until about a month before you can move in. I think Eric might be allergic to Joey the Lemur and Clancy (even though he has a cat of his own), which might put a kink in our plans. We decided to table the search and play PS2 games.

Eventually, Scott and Kareem came over, and we had a jam session with Kareem on bass, Scott on guitar, and me on vocals. We learned and played a bunch of songs that I want my new band to cover (once we form):

The Judy's- Man Out on a Window Ledge
Tiger Tailz- Twist and shake (Let Your Momma Dance)
Fraggle Rock
Weezer- The Good Life
Imperial Teen- Water Boy
and many more...

Later, Cha-chee, Myndee, Wes, James, and Eric all came over for a little gathering. We played PS2 games again, drank some amerreto sour, and ultimately went to Opal Divine's. Our friend Jarred was working as per usual, and he sat down and basically just talked for about an hour. All highly amusing stuff.

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