Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik

"It's good to feel so good"

I'm becoming a delinquent livejournaler. How am I supposed to remember every moment of my life if I don't write them all down in excruciating detail? Sunday, James, Wes, and I ate at Kim Phung, and plotted out ways to deceive all of Austin. Really. After that, we all headed to Wes and Colleen's apartment to do some computer repair and upgrading. We restored Wes's missing drives (loose plug), and threw more memory in Colleen's computer (from 64M to 196M). Not too shabby. Wes and I then went out to watch the local Amtgard group beat each other senseless with foam-padded weapons. Fun stuff. And without going into details, someone mentioned the Knighthood of BUH without Wes or myself bringing it up, so we felt pretty cool. Later that night, Kareem and I went to Kirby Lane and gorged on pancakes. I had the "gingerbread" pancakes for the first time ever, and they were very good.

Last night was Mindy's 21st birthday, so Wes, Kareem, and myself went with her to 6th street. It was a Monday night, so it wasn't exactly hopping. We did manage to get her drunk, though, and we made several people card her so that she could properly go through the whole experience. The whole thing was done by 11:00, since Mindy had class in the morning. I wonder if she made it.

So, yeah. I think that about brings me up current.
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