Roy Janik (zinereem) wrote,
Roy Janik


Today the Knighthood of Buh acted more like a real student organization than it ever has before. For one, our stylish new t-shirts came in. We'll be selling them on the West mall tomorrow. Second, Kareem, Cha-chee and Todd actually attempted to edit video for the Bastard Squad. What they actually accomplished remains to be seen. It's tough work. Third, Wes, Mindy, Kareem and I all worked on Valentines for the table tomorrow. They say things such as "No one Loves You", "If by 'love' you mean 'hate', then yes", "you were adopted", and other things of that ilk. We did them in photoshop, went to Kinkos, cut them out, and everything. And we didn't even get drunk in the process.

So Happy Valentines Day to you, you, and especially you.
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