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Roy Janik

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Someday (i don't know which one) a pair of little feet will come [Feb. 15th, 2001|01:49 pm]
Roy Janik

Hey, everyone. My sister Darlene just found out the sex of her child. Lo and behold, I shall have another niece.


That will bring the next generation up to 5 boys and 2 girls, making me an uncle seven times over, if you can believe that.

BOYS: Ryan, Tyler, Alec, Nicholas, Paul
GIRLS: Crystal, ???

[User Picture]From: warhol
2001-02-15 11:59 am (UTC)
heh, I know the feeling, my sister's in the same position, and she's done the sonagram thing a couple of times, but they still can't determine anything.... so I'm holding off purchasing any baby gifts until I figure out whether I'm goign to be an aunt or an uncle.
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