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Roy Janik

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BUH productivity [Feb. 20th, 2001|11:14 pm]
Roy Janik
I've been so productive lately, it's ridiculous.

Last night I went to Kinko's and ran off copies of ballots and fliers for the upcoming "Ya Like That?" booth run by the Knighthood of BUH. I cut them and everything.

Today, I put up a good number of fliers before class, all around campus. It was fun, because half of the fliers say "Vote Yes" and half of them say "Vote No", and I would regularly put up both fliers next to each other. I'm sure I got some strange looks. The things I do for the cause.

Then tonight, Eric and Kareem came over and we made posters for the booth. I got to demonstrate my wondrous block-letter writing abilities again. Okay, so for the most part we played on the playstation 2 and watched MST3K: The Movie, but still...

So the point of this post is, I'm like, doing stuff, and things. I've also been actually writing a lot of code at work, too. Look at me, fulfilling my responsibilities. Wonders never cease.

[User Picture]From: tamijoh
2001-02-20 09:36 pm (UTC)

danger roy robinson, danger!

you better slow it down there fast pace living boy or people will start expecting this from you more often...then what....efoort all the time? i shudder to think!

::shudder:: ::shudder:: ::shudder::

see, shuddering.
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[User Picture]From: tamijoh
2001-02-20 09:40 pm (UTC)

another great band name...efoort shudder..you gotta say it a good couple of times before it sticks

ah yes, good ol efoort!!! may he rest in peace!
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[User Picture]From: warhol
2001-02-21 02:38 am (UTC)

if you grow up to be a responsible young adult, you will cease to be my hero. just as a warning.
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[User Picture]From: mayzie
2001-02-21 03:35 am (UTC)
that's because you can't be your own hero.
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