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Roy Janik

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but when you wake, it's all been erased. [Feb. 22nd, 2001|12:56 am]
Roy Janik

Just got back from the Weezer/Get Up Kids/Ozma show.

It rocked.

Merchandising was crazy! This is the Yahoo Outloud Tour!, which meant that before the bands came on, there were giant swirling lights everywhere, alternating ads for Yahoo!, Pepsi One, and Hewlett Packard. I wanted to get a rousing chant of "PEPSI" going, but without the Knighthood of BUH around, I didn't have the clout.

Ozma was really good. They looked nervous, though. They've never played outside of California, or so I hear. Thanks to Napster and mp3.com, I'm actually quite familar with Ozma. They effectively sound like Weezer, although their lyrics tend to be a little more geeky, talking about video games and such. They played most of my favorite songs, such as Natalie and Game Over. Best of all, they did an instrumental cover of a song from Tetris. You can hear it at their mp3.com site. The only other thing of note to mention was the fact that Ozma almost stayed at my apartment. This fell through some weeks ago, though. They needed a place to stay, and I e-mailed them. It turns out, though, that there's no good place for them to park their van. Ah, well. I doubt seven people could sleep comfortably in my apartment, anyhow. Who knows, maybe they'll still show up. One other thing to mention. Ozma is totally a Napster success story. Many of their songs were mislabeled as Weezer on Napster, and consequently, many Weezer fans started listening to them. Honest to goodness. The internet fanbase totally adopted them, and when Weezer put up a poll asking the fans who they wanted to open for them, Ozma was chosen.

The Get Up Kids were very energetic and very heartfelt. I spent the day at work getting some of their songs off of Napster, so I was actually familar with some of them by the time I got to the show. The keyboard player was a total freak, dancing and lurching around. At one point, his keyboard stand broke, and the whole thing fell to the ground. He kept playing, grinning like a mad fool. The best song, in my opinion, was their last one, "10 Minutes". The girl who came with me was really into the Get Up Kids, so we both won cool points for liking the opening acts.

After an incredibly long wait, Weezer came out. It started with Rivers alone on a little keyboard, playing a song whose lyrics consisted primarily of "You promised you'd love me forever" or somesuch. Now I'm not gay, but, boy was he cute. Thanks, Tami, for giving me the gift of being able to tell when scrawny alterna-guys are attractive. Or maybe it was just all of the googly-eyed little girls who were staring at him that clued me in. :) He put down the keyboard and they quickly launched into "My Name Is Jonas", which is what I expected them to start with.

And the crowd exploded.

And all was right with the world.

And it was suddenly 1994.

And I lost my glasses.


I think they can be replaced once for free, but I'm not exactly positive. If not, that's 200 dollars down the proverbial tube. And I DO need them replaced, because as I was soon to find out, I can't see worth shit at night.

Lala, back to the concert. I was pushed around all over the place, but it was beautiful. About 3 songs in, the giant, lightbulb infested W kicked in. They played some new stuff, but mostly songs off of the blue album. Woohoo! Sorry if I'm sketchy on the details, but I just sort of soaked up the experience and didn't take careful notes.

They went away, and of course came back for an encore.

This is the point at which Roy admits he is a ninny. You, well a LOT of you, have had your various religious experiences at Tori Amos concerts. Now I've seen a lot of really good concerts in my time, but none have ever affected me emotionally before. Well, besides making me giddy and hyper, that is.

The encore was "Only In Dreams".
I wasn't expecting it.
'nuff said.

The encore to the encore was "Surf Wax America", which got me back in the aforementioned giddy/happy frame of mind. Towards the end confetti came streaming down from the ceiling. When the smoke cleared and the lights came on, my glasses were still nowhere to be found.

I drove home, and put on a pretty good showing considering I couldn't see anything. I apologize to anyone I ever drove around at night before I purchased glasses. I'm a danger to myself and others.

Now I sit at home, wondering idly if 7 bandmates from Cali will come a-knocking at my door. Probably not.

[User Picture]From: cindylou
2001-02-21 11:39 pm (UTC)

you have inspired me to nap 'only in dreams'...beautiful.

i was all about the sobbing religious experience at that tori show in birmingham. i had ryan on one side of me and russell on the other and i think i grabbed on to them the whole time. and we had such lovely seats! i also think i let out audible whelps when she started frog on my toe, as that one has intensely personal meanings for me and she very rarely plays it. as cheesy and fifteen-year-oldish as it sounds, that night is still one of my favorite experiences thus far.

i'm glad you enjoyed yourself, roy. it sounded oh so very nice. :)
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[User Picture]From: zinereem
2001-02-21 11:51 pm (UTC)

It's a good thing that you float in the air

It WAS very nice. I didn't know whether I would enjoy myself, but I had a fabulous time. My only regret is that I didn't bootleg it. Well, that's not true. I also regret 1)losing my glasses, 2)wearing a hot suitcoat, stylish though it was, and 3)not bringing more cash for merchandise.

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[User Picture]From: tamijoh
2001-02-21 11:50 pm (UTC)

tonight im gonna party likes its 1994

cherish your gift roy, never use it for evil or malcontent, hone it and love it, endure with it through the ages...and oh yeah..


i feel like a giddy higschool girl again, without the whole drug addiction thing and with a few hundred added extra pounds, but hey, WEEZER IS TUESDAY..sdfisjldkfjsl;dfkjasldfhaskjfhklasjfhkasdfhklasjdfhksjdfhlskjdfhskljdfhskjdfhlskjdfhlaskjfhlkasdjfhklsfhlsjkdfhskjfhlskjdfhlsjkdfhklsdjhksdfhskdjfhskdjh excitement abounds sldfjslkdfj;lsdkfjsl;djfsldkfjslkdfjlsdkfjskldfjlskdjfsljfpaoudalsdkfi s[0fispd ofi'sofi ois 'pgusdpgiou fgodupgoupoguapfgoupguodueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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[User Picture]From: zinereem
2001-02-22 12:00 am (UTC)

Re: tonight im gonna party likes its 1994

I'm still riding the high, right now. I'm sure I'll go through withdrawals in the next few hours.
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